About ReBueno

Rebueno Nadales is a stallion with the beauty and features of the classical baroque, timeless andalusian.
He is an extremely versatile model of stallion who lends himself to anything from competitive dressage to working equitation or western. His ability to extend as well as collect and turn on the haunches in a bat of an eyelid is carried in his bloodlines.

Sired by the stallion Grandioso de Nadales, the full brother of Grandioso III, who competed in the Olympic games in London and Rio de Janeiro and who ranked 22 in the FEI world ranking. This line brings out the best in sport dressage thanks to the combination of Yeguada Militar and Marin Garcia lineages. Yeguada Militar is the lineage that never fails when it comes to functionality and durability.

When we are looking at the Marin Garcia we mainly look at the line of Albero II.  This sire has produced the last decade or more the most of the dressage and functionality champions within the PRE breed. Albero II is repeated both in the father line and in the mother line of Rebueno Nadales.

Rebueno Nadales dam is Rebuena Nadales, sired by the famous stud YEGÜERITO III from Bohorquez. This line offers a sustainability beyond many other of the PRE lines. Bred to work hard and to literally take the bull by the horns in a bullfighting arena, the Bohorquez line will not give up. Those are the type of horses that have aided human development, carried riders across continents and triumphed at war.

Rebueno Nadales has the full package of a versatile andalusian. If you are looking to breed endurable, stunning looking horses with work ethics. Look no further.


Name: ReBueno Nadales

UELN: 724015150315575

Microchipped: YES

Category: Dressage

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 07/01/2015

Color: Dapple Grey

Height: 16 hands

Weight: 1,100 lbs


The Bloodline

View Rebueno’s bloodline from ANCEE as well as his family tree. | download .pdf file



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  • Sarape H

  • $1,500
    • Sticck Size: (TBA)
    • Starting dressage career in 2020
    • First class temperament
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Within the United States, frozen semen shipped is $355.00. This includes a return label for the shipping container that needs to be returned within a week. Cooled semen shipped within the United States is $335.00

There is a $1,300.00 container deposit required for all international shipments.

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Yes, however, you should check on Rebueno’s availability, which is not guaranteed out of season. His availability will be scheduled around shows, expos, travel and other considerations.

While each year varies, Saphiro is typically not available for fresh cooled semen collections before February 28th 2012 or after August 19th.


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  • Multiple doses can be sent at one time. For owners interested in breeding multiple mares and/or multiple years this may be a potential cost saver.
  • Frozen semen is the only way to breed mares being inseminated outside of the United States and Canada.


  • Shipping is more expensive then fresh cooled.
  • Ideally a storage tank is available to transfer the semen into, however, with correct timing, frozen semen can be used from the shipping tank.
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  • It requires more frequent checks of the mare.

We send out 8 straws per dose.

There is additional paperwork and import permits that need to be done regardless of semen being sent fresh or frozen.

The expense of shipping to Canada and the added hassle of additional paperwork and potential transport/customs delays makes frozen semen more appealing to some mare owners, especially owners breeding more than 1 mare.

It is important to note that same day service is not available to Canada, but the every other day collection schedule remains the same during Saphiro’s breeding season. This is another reason some mare owners in Canada prefer frozen semen use.

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